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National Domestic‚Äč Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

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About TyrEe K., Inc. partnered with LA Works

Tyree K., Inc. is a subsidiary of RawChatTruths - 501c3 Nonprofit organization, offering  mental supportive services to victims of abuse.  Issues and concerns supported and counseled are those of firsthand experience. What generally seems hard and unattainable is made sanely simply and adaptable with a coherent mindset. It requires work and the work belongs to You  as we join and support you on your Mental health journey. We're degree-holding, qualified, certified, ordained, trusted, and ready.

The Network

A diverse team of passionate people who support others. 

We got you's!

Our Mission

To partner and provide Mental Health tele-services in support of fostering healthy minds and positive growth.

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