Be Open and Inspired.

Racism & Hate are Mental Health Issues.

Love never claimed a color, race, sex, gender, religion, or status; ignorance and insecurities in oneself did, and it still does.

Anxiety Ave. intersects with Fear Lane & Worry Blvd. If you make a U-turn at the 1st green light; you'll run into

 Mental Health Highway & Support Drive. If you keep going north, you'll hit Recovery Parkway. 

Graham Said It.

 2021 Proclamation

Tae' Graham said: God has been. God is. God will continually be.

Beauty Full Eyes

Tae' Graham said: Those with good eyesight focus on the beauty of diversity with all else in their peripheral.

The Matter Balance

Tae' Graham said: In order to maintain proper balance of your life you have to become and remain aware of who and what matters to and for the better-you. If he, she, or it is not a benefit, then why...

Are you Really What You Post To Be?

Tae' Graham said: We all have a tendency to quickly judge what we see and what appears to be... but behind what the human eye can see is where the story begins, resumes, and ends. Checking the Mentals is an inner-out full exam that requires managing each moment of Your life.

Be On The Look-Out.

Tae' Graham said: If you were ever unsure of your strengths and weaknesses; be on the lookout as they jump out at you as you’re forced to spend time with yourself. See yourself for all that you are and are not and become your best.


Tae' Graham said: Your belief births possibilities. Your attitude, resilience, and continuity nurtures the process. Your diligent work manifests what you firmly believed was possible.

Selfish Wisdom

Tae' Graham said: I choose not to trust in believing in people but to trust and believe in myself because all people are prone to error but I'm more mentally prone to accept, process, and capably correct my own. I call this my, Mentally Selfish Wisdom. 

Conversations With Yourself

Tae' Graham says: See yourself, talk to yourself, and listen to what you have to say. If you can begin to connect your thoughts and your feelings to your sayings; self-dialogue can become your expressed leeway to openly communicating your way out of your issues, and into your better well-being. 

Do It.

Tae' Graham said: Think to live. Plan to survive. Talk for help. Walk to escape. Tell to expose. Yell to safety. Move to freedom. Unwind in tranquility. Live in Peace. Begin anew, again. 

Invest in your Mental Health.


Tae' Graham said: Society Trickery is a big mental issue inside of other issues and it's not attached to age, sex, or color.

Silence is a Golden Refuge.

Tae' Graham said: Gain control of your words that are derivatives of negative emotions. The reward of silence is greater than the reprimand of unretrievable words. It's easier to explain why you're suddenly quiet than why you just said what you said.

Take Note.

Tae' Graham said: COVID demanded our attention and switched our norms and levels of control. The best process that we can adopt is: stop, pray, think, find your strengths, plan, and move according to the control that we do have because there's no other choice. 

Each of us have to turn the shituations around for our good and send it out into the Universe. People are open, hoping, and receiving.

 Know This.

Tae' Graham said: When you decide to stop worrying about what people think, feel, and are saying about you and begin building yourself up based upon the unconditional God that dwells inside of you; you then set yourself up to experience what true love and stable living is.

The Right Number

Tae' Graham said: Being connected is about the right connections; not the # of connections.

Good Morning Jesus

Tae' Graham said: Some say meditate; I say pray. Prayer is a weapon. It's your choice, communication, personal belief, and acceptance of the intangible power that gracefully extends to you from the omnipotent and omnipresent, God.

Consciously Living

Tae' Graham said: Living while conscious presents an opportunity and choice to change and become aNEW. Manage every moment.

Beg to Differ.

Tae' Graham said; Some say there is no God; I beg to differ. You have to come to grips with Who or What the God in your life is. Seek to find. Recollect and face your truths.