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National Domestic​ Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

The Service.

If you are ready to uncover and face life for all that it is and can be; let's do it. 

If you are open-minded and ready to commit outside of your norm; let's do it. 

We meet you where you are but we're prospectively focused and creatively willing to help you see and embrace the beautiful flip-side of the downsides of your ugly truths. 

-Domestic Violence   




Healthy choices for a plentiful therapeutic journey.

 All Matters of Black Life, Matter.


Invest in Mental Health

Sowing seeds helps us serve Mental Health needs.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy for: 

-Mental Clarity

-Emotional Stability

-Better Health

-Spiritual growth

-Self Love & Acceptance

-Self Worth & Self Respect

-Inner-attainment & a Creative outlet 

Inner-attainment is where artistic gifts and talents meet therapeutic outlets. 

Stories are uncovered. Memories are confronted. Emotions are stirred-up. 

Feelings are identified and acknowledged. The release is a relief and the door to change opens.

Therapeutic platforms vary and are all powerful outlets during the healing process. We've been in full action and support in Los Angeles since our beginning.

Whether it's virtually 1 0n 1, group, or another platform that allows you to act your truth and speak your shituations away; our therapy/counseling just won't stop!

This network is for caring and sharing.

Mental Frustrations are real issues and when you​ can't find them within yourself, you can sometimes identify them through someone else.

* The frustrations are real.

* The issues are right in your face; big or small and black or white.

* There's 3 sides to every story; the whole-truth is the 3rd.

* You can't minimize anyone's moment.

Because Your Life Matters. 

Human life is repetitive in many different forms from gender to gender and race to race. There's only different faces, time stamps, scenarios, and wording. You're never alone in whatever the "IT" is.

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