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National Domestic​ Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or 988 nationally accessible on 7/16/2022

They Said:

Omg Ms.Tae has been such a breath of fresh Air the "RAW TRUTH" hurts most of the time. I've had to take several breaks during this daze of Reprocessing/reliving some of the most traumatic points in my life but in fact the only way out is Through. This is only the beginning for me and I plan on staying down and diligent in my growth and Healing. I definitely would give Ms. Tae a whole Ten review you just truly have to be ready to Unf*#k your own brain !!

~Raven Gandy

They Said:

Shontae Graham is an outstanding spiritual partner. She's in tuned with God and will use that connection to help guide you along your way. She's attentive, caring, and professional. Her ability to deliver guidance with ease and authority is impressive. I'd recommend these services to all. I have had a more traditional therapy experience in the past, but I can say with confidence Shontae's execution is far superior. It's art, love, and effective. 

~Gabrielle Stewart

They Said:

I have had the opportunity to work with Shontae' on various projects. Each time we've worked together I realized how passionate and determined she is. Shontae' is a great leader and her advice is well received. I've sought her help for many areas in my life and her work and product is never disappointing. She's a multitalented person with excellent results, both personal and professional.

Thank you, Marie 

The words can’t wait to pour from my pen. I want to share with everyone my experience with therapy and working with Shontae. She is so honest, it’s refreshing. She allows rapport to build, as a natural occurrence and isn’t seeking likes. Shontae provided impeccable insight, while remaining a passenger, by reminding me to always use my own powers. I’m super blessed to have crossed her path. Due to seeking therapy with Shontae, I finally fought for myself and took my power back. Two months ago, I was a hot mess! My job was wack, my relationship was wack and I was wack! Today I’m good good. I’ve finally broken the codependent cycle of allowing narcissistic people to believe I needed them. I now live alone and all I can say is, I wish I would’ve saved myself some heartache by moving sooner. Its the most peaceful feeling ever, to come home to your own safe, clean and peaceful environment. I’m extremely grateful for Shontae’s guidance, she’s an amazing therapist, who gets it. I encourage anyone seeking a better understanding on interpersonal relationships or simply searching for self mastery, to call Tae. She comes highly recommended, makes you do the work, by holding yourself accountable. She is consistent, goes above and beyond your average therapist and even offers personalized, individual, visual and audio meditations. They’re created one of a kind, just for you. I know there’s a stigma in our community that echos for us to remain stuck and to not seek help, but it’s time to dispel that old slave mentality and receive what’s rightfully ours, therapy included. God sends messages to his people through people. Our job is to use discernment, so that we may get the right message and find the right people. I know this rang true for me, hope it resonates for you, as well. I found the right one for me. Thanks again Tae’

Sincerely, L. C.

Shawntae is an entrepreneur who creates exceptional work. She is very talented and professional. Shawntae has been a great inspiration for me in all areas of education and just as much as a role model for me in business endeavors.

Sincerely, Lisa

Shontae is a loving and caring person. I have witnessed her give her all to a person in need. She is a very strong woman that faces oppositions head on. I would consider Shontae a visionary, creator, and an actualizer. I have seen her write and create some amazing works of art. These works allow others to express themselves creatively as well. I love that Shontae's success is not selfish,. She continues motivating others to be their greatest. I refer to her as, "a diamond that shines even in the roughest of situations." She has some of the most amazing musical and singing abilities, which include untouchable vocal talents. 

Aside from her talents, she has always been a friend and confidant to me. 

I feel like I can open up and tell her anything straight from the soul. Shontae is someone I will stay connected with throughout life.


T. Jackson - Stakanus

Shontae Graham is “chicken soup for the soul” personified. Her gracious spirit, embodying the warmth, comfort, and healing properties that only soup provides for the sick.

In the limited time that I’ve known her, Shontae has completely transformed

the way I speak to myself. Her energy is down to earth and extremely conversational. A healer by nature, she has a patience that is unmatched. I highly recommend investing in yourself and investing in her services.

A Huge Fan​